Why wasnt the water treatment plant built before the sewage treatment plant?

    Until recently, MMG and TasWater shared the operations and maintenance of sewerage infrastructure within Rosebery. TasWater came to an agreement with Minerals Metals Group (MMG) to separate sewerage infrastructure and remove our sewerage process from their tailings dam by July 2015. 

    Will the new water treatment plant remove lead from the water?

    The new Water Treatment Plant will have the ability to remove any metals that are found in the source water supply and supply Rosebery with water that complies with Australian Drinking Water Guidelines. We are also ensuring that we continue with regular scouring of the water supply network to remove any contaminants that may have collected in the pipes over time.

    Testing of the water in the Stitt River and Mountain Creek has indicated there is no heavy metal contamination in the raw water supply.

    When will Rosebery begin to receive treated water?

    The Rosebery water upgrade project, including the new water treatment plant, pump stations, pipelines and storage tanks, is scheduled to be completed in late-2016.

    This will allow Rosebery to have reticulated drinking water which will comply with Australian and Tasmanian Drinking Water Guidelines.