What are the works in Peter Murrell Reserve?

    TasWater will be commissioning the pipeline in January. This will involve testing and flushing the pipe before use. Commissioning will involve some works in Peter Murrell Reserve. The new pipeline will be connected to the existing water pipeline located in the Scarborough Fire Trail. Work in the Reserve will involve a controlled release of a small amount of water (drinking quality) from the existing water pipeline to facilitate joining the pipelines. Water from the pipe will be filtered through an onsite de-chlorination unit for suitable approved discharge to the environment.

    What are the main benefits of the project?

    The project provides numerous benefits to the local community including:

    Ensuring a secure supply of drinking water to the southern areas of Kingborough including Blackmans Bay and Margate

    Overcoming issues with dry summers when supply has been severely tested and the Margate Reservoirs have been low

    Increasing capacity to meet long term growth forecasts in the southern areas of Kingborough and for future extension of the supply network

    Providing continuity of supply in the Kingborough region in the event of pipe bursts during peak summer periods Providing the potential for further extension of the bulk water supply network to other Kingborough areas.

    Where is the pipe route going?

    The water pipeline follows an existing supply line that feeds water to Margate from the Ridgway Dam on the slopes of Mount Wellington via the Brown Hill reservoir. The new pipeline route begins at the Gilben Glebe Valve Pits in Kingston and goes to Blackmans Bay at Howden Road, then on to the Margate Valve Pits and the Margate Reservoir.  

    When does construction start?

    Construction on Stage Two (the final stage) will begin in January 2017 and be complete in late 2017 followed by commissioning, which will involve testing. Once testing is complete on Stage Two, the project will be complete and the new pipeline will supply water to residents in the southern areas of Kingborough, including Blackmans Bay and Margate.