March 2019 update

4 months ago

Blackmans Bay Sewage Treatment Plant (BBSTP)

The elements critical to enable the switch over to the new plant have now been tested and we are ready to progress to the next stage.

Repairs to the concrete de-aeration chamber on the foreshore are also complete. This work was critical to enable the upgraded plant to function at its optimum performance capability.

What’s next?

Work to switch over and test the elements of the new plant is scheduled to begin mid-March 2019. This will be followed by the addition of sewage flows from Margate and Electrona into the new plant, currently scheduled for April-May 2019.

The switch over work includes:

  • small excavation works
  • cutting and demolition of some existing pipework
  • the installation of new pipework
  • directing the existing sewage flows to the new tanks

Temporary increase in truck traffic from March 2019 to May 2019

During the switch over and the introduction of flows from Margate and Electrona, we will need to dispose of additional sludge daily until works are complete. This means you may notice extra vacuum trucks during the day travelling to and from the BSSTP.

24 hour works – Tuesday 12 March 2019 and Wednesday 13 March 2019 if required

Part of the switch over work includes installation of new pipework, and works to re-direct the existing BBSTP flows to the new tanks. Once this pipework is started we must continue until complete. Therefore we may be required to continue works for up to 48 hours. During this period we need to use an excavator to lift equipment, trucks, mobile cranes, small hand tools and flood lighting.

The location of works is confined to a small area of the plant, shown in the image here. We do not anticipate noise from the use of this equipment will impact residents however, if this is of concern please contact us on 13 6992.

There will be no truck movements anticipated after 6pm during the 48 hour continuous working period.

Fluctuations in temporary odour

Residents near the treatment plant can expect to experience further temporary fluctuations in odour over the next two months. This is due to works related to the decommissioning of redundant equipment and also commissioning of the upgraded plant.

Residents near the pump station on Lady Penrhyn Drive may also experience some odour as we continue to utilise the overflow lagoon as required throughout the commissioning process.

Once the work is complete there will be a vast improvement in odour control management for the long term. We continue to work with Kingborough Council and the EPA as works progress.

There will be no interruption to sewage services.

The new plant is expected to be fully operational by late-2019 and will provide reliable sewerage services for the coming decades, and improved odour and environmental outcomes for both Kingborough and the Derwent Estuary.

If you have any queries or would like further information on the Kingborough Sewerage Project, please contact Community Engagement Officer Cassandra Wells or Eleanor Laud on 13 6992 or email