Updated information on Kingborough Sewerage Upgrade Project

almost 2 years ago
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The Kingborough Sewerage Upgrade project includes the construction of a pipeline from Electrona to Blackmans Bay and a significant upgrade of the Blackmans Bay Sewage Treatment Plant. This will increase its capacity to support continued growth in the region and improve the quality of discharge effluent, allowing TasWater to remove three ageing treatment plants at Electrona, Margate and Howden.

In addition to the five pipeline route options that have been identified as technically feasible for the new sewage pipeline, a sixth option has been added. This option was proposed by members of the community as an option during recent consultation activities. TasWater has agreed to the additional pipeline route and this option is shown as the 'black route'. The newsletter and feedback form have been updated to reflect this addition.

TasWater has now listed an updated newsletter and updated ‘black route’ map in the ‘Images’ section on the project’s website.

You are invited to provide your feedback before 15 April 2016. An online feedback form is available on the website.

While the final decision for pipeline routes and sewage treatment plant upgrade rests with TasWater, community feedback is important and will be taken into consideration.